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Celestial Weekly - October 10 to 16, 2022


Transits this Week

October 10: Mercury goes into Libra, Venus opposition Chiron

October 11: Sun trine Saturn

October 12: Mars square Neptune, Mercury opp Jupiter

October 13: Mars trine Vesta

October 14: Venus trine Saturn, Moon sextile Chiron

October 15: Moon conjunct Mars, Moon square Jupiter

October 16: Moon square Mercury and Chiron


Weekly Message

The moon is now disseminating its light, and the collective may begin to experience the need to withdraw. Take the load off your auric field by energetically clearing out and this has to also be done in the physical sense. Spiritual and physical decluttering is a must, and it will be gratifying on so many levels. The physical clearing will create space for positive changes. Clear your mind and visualize the buildup you feel scattering away with the moon’s disseminating phase each night. The entirety of this week involves recognizing the root of our past wounding while gaining clarity in our relationships. We also will have a renewed perception in our ability to assert our power by walking in truth.

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Monday, October 10, 2022

Mercury ingresses into Libra, Venus opposition Chiron

Archangel Support:

Archangels Raphael and Anael

The message of peace and contentment is underway as Mercury has returned to the sign of Libra. Our focus shifts on mending all that has been unraveled when the messenger planet was in retrograde, particularly in the realm of relationships. Venus takes a prominent role this week as it is also in the sign of Libra and will be revealing the hues of all that needs to be healed within ourselves as it is opposing Chiron. Relationships of all kinds will be bracing for some hard-core truths. This opposition will reveal the truth of your love and where it will go. This stands for courage on your part and if the current state of your love magnifies your entire being then no other force can stand in the way of your story.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Sun trine Saturn

Archangel Support:

Archangels Michael and Cassiel

There is ease and flow in setting a new set of structures in your waking life. Your overall trajectory has a clearing and renewed purpose as the Sun shines its light in a trine with Saturn, this mutual exchange will be on our side. Designate a time for yourself in getting into the details involving your progression. Review all of your successes and past setbacks. The missteps will only perfect your new course.

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Mars square Neptune, Mercury opposition Jupiter

Archangel Support:

Archangels Camael and Gabriel

There can be a series of clashing ideas as Mars and Neptune meet in a square. Torn between the need for action and results while imagination and dreams are the main channel to our overall motivation. Don’t lose sight of your desires by becoming competitive, look to your own uniqueness as the anchor of your pursuit. With Mercury opposite to Jupiter today, there will be a stream of inspiration, and the best way in navigating this transit is to look at your current status from a different angle. Integrate another person’s point of view as a way of seeking perspective.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Mars trine Vesta

Archangel Support:

Archangel Camael

A wave of energy is to be experienced today involving your power, passion, and purpose. This can be a very spiritually inspiring day for the collective as Mars in the sign of Gemini is mutually exchanging wondrous information with the asteroid Vesta. There will be a renewed sense of hope involving humanitarian dealings, the power can be found by remaining devoted to your calling or by powering up others. Connecting to others and seeing them through the eyes of your higher self will create the shift in your life experience. As you start to transmute the current state of your life in joy, the world around you will hold a new prism of light.

Friday, October 14, 2022

Venus trine Saturn, Moon sextile Chiron

Archangel Support:

Archangels Anael and Uriel

Love of all kinds will be built on a new structure, and commitment will be the main focal point of conversation. It is time to hold space for discussing your current relationship status, and as the moon is still currently waning, you will have to be crystal clear in your communication with the other. You will receive clarity involving your situation. This can also be a wondrous time to strengthen friendships and create new bonds with others who share your vision.

As the Moon is in a supportive position with Chiron, you will be able to share your vulnerable self openly, and as long as you express your true intentions, you can reach resolution.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Moon conjunct Mars, Moon square Jupiter

Archangel Support

Archangel Gabriel

The Moon will be the force in which we will feel most for the remainder of this week. Today the emotions can be fleeting, but impactful. With the Moon meeting Mars, we will feel a tugging to express ourselves by baring it all, everything. It is overly passionate and assertive. Be mindful of the words and actions you decide to take. With the Moon also crossing Jupiter, this can make you miscalculate the meaning of your message. Words can hurt deeply, be sure to integrate the heart as the anchor of your message. Meditate carefully before expressing, and this day will be smooth sailing.

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Moon square Mercury and Chiron

Archangel Support:

Archangel Gabriel

The context of our messages will align with our own inner doubts and worries. The Moon is the catalyst of our emotions and as it makes its way in forming an intense square with Mercury and Chiron, we look inward to our inner dialogue, and this can take a turn due to our insecurities. Chiron for some time has been shedding an air of humility or denying our ability to lead the life we desire. There is a part of us that feels resistance in celebrating our success and looks to others to provide us that validation. It is time to transmute this process by establishing a renewed sense of optimism in our course. Believe in yourself.



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