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Celestial Weekly - October 17-23, 2022

Updated: Oct 16, 2022


Transits this Week

October 17: Sun trine Mars

October 18: Venus trine Mars

October 19: Sun square Pluto

October 20: Venus square Pluto

October 21: Moon trine Uranus

October 22: Sun conjunct Venus, Mercury trine Saturn

October 23: Venus and Sun ingresses Scorpio, Moon opposite Chiron


Weekly Message

As the moon continues to wane, our bodies too equate to its influence of the need to retreat and rest. This week will be filled with shifts involving our ability to assure ourselves by stepping into our confidence and assessing authenticity in our love life.

Look to the Moon as the teacher and guide to our emotional wellness. The decrease in its light indicates the need for inner reflection and contemplation. We cannot enforce results by pushing ourselves too hard. It is best to let it be, and this pertains to your emotional feelings towards the answers you desire to seek out.

Monday, 10/17

Sun trine Mars

There is a time in when you feel ease and grace in your step, and that is today. For whatever you set your mind towards you will feel warmth and support. There is power, strength, and vitality emerging from within energy center. Put all of your energy into productivity and there will be crystal clear results.

Tuesday, 10/18

Venus trine Mars

The planets of love and action will be exchanging mutual information. If you are looking for answers regarding the status of your love life, now is the time to seek out clarity. If there is desire to meet new prospects, today can be favorable. Keep in mind that the moon continues to wane, so be sure to state your true intentions to remain centered.

Wednesday, 10/19

Sun square Pluto

Mercury opposite Chiron

There is a pressure building and this involves in the way we are expressing our power. The transformation planet, Pluto, will be peeling away the egocentric layers in our persona. A part of us has to shift in order to make room for authenticity and truth. Navigate through your heart center and release all the pent-up energy that has been adding layers of insecurity. When you speak aloud and in truth this is when you will accept the reality.

Thursday, 10/20

Venus square Pluto

Love is now entering a new phase in its expression. This is the milestone moment, the point of no return. A time in which you will have to see if this part of your life is measuring up to your soul’s greatest good. Remember that you are worthy and that inner light you hold will always be your strength during the storm. This power you possess can never be diminished. Realign with your sacred self, and the rest will follow.

Friday, 10/21

Moon trine Uranus

Electricity runs strongly through our emotions and we may feel restlessness. It is best to review the causes of these triggers. Uranus emphasis the need to change the tempo in how we are generating our life, and it would be best to track of what needs to be modified.

Saturday, 10/22

Sun conjunct Venus

Mercury trine Saturn

There is a clearing and a sense of calm today. The state of your love life will undergo a new route, and a decision has to be made. The light of the sun aligns with our hearts, and even the messages we exchange will be sincere. Love and honor your divine light, and by honing in on this, it will improve the outcome.

Sunday, 10/23

Saturn Direct

Venus and Sun ingresses Scorpio

Moon opposite Chiron

We start off in Scorpio Season with renewed discipline and an alignment with integrity. Now that Saturn is direct, we will have more certainty and are now more inclined in getting to work. The veil starts to lift and we now look even more inward in order to bridge the connection within the realm of spirit. We may long to form a connection or ponder about those who have departed.

During Scorpio Season, it calls for many to start listening intently for secret messages, as our intuition is heightened. The love we will experience this season will be taking us beneath the currents, and it will reveal different shades of our personality with the other. The love will emerge more defined, and you will be guided mostly by intuition rather than logic. Always remember that the answers are within you. Your soul will never be misguided.




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