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In-Person Events

Invite Lumi to be a featured speaker or extend her services at your next event and experience the transformative power of astrology and divination. As a New York City astrologer, she extends her services internationally within the United States to Canada and Europe. With an array of tools available, such as mini birth chart readings, astro dice, tarot, and oracle card readings, Lumi offers a unique and enlightening experience for your audience.


Whether you seek the stars' guidance or wish to host a star-themed gathering, Lumi's presence will create a soothing and magnetic atmosphere where everyone feels at ease. Her joyful demeanor and genuine insights provide a refreshing perspective on what to expect in the stars, always highlighting the silver lining to keep you inspired and hopeful.

Lumi's Clients Include



Lumi takes an empowering approach in her presentations and events, drawing from her background in transformational coaching. Focusing on the power of free will, she guides audiences to break free from limitations using astrology as a transformative tool. Lumi effortlessly breaks down complex celestial concepts, ensuring a profound understanding. Her informative and engaging delivery imparts valuable knowledge and practical insights and empowers individuals to harness their free will for personal growth.

Serving New York City, the Tri-State area, and globally, don't miss the opportunity to have Lumi share her transformative expertise and wisdom, letting the stars align for an unforgettable and empowering experience.

Call Lumi Pelinku at 908.366.0586

Or click the link below to plan your Astro-themed event.


Client Testimonials

"Lumi Pelinku's expertise in astrology shines brightly every time she takes the stage or joins a podcast interview. Her ability to make complex astrological concepts accessible to all is truly remarkable. Lumi's passion for the subject is infectious, captivating audiences with her insights into the cosmic world and its impact on our lives."

~Dr. Renee Mudrey IHeart Radio Host

"I had the pleasure of witnessing Lumi speak at a woman's spiritual healing circle event, and her presentation was a highlight. Her engaging storytelling and deep knowledge kept everyone entranced, fostering a deeper understanding of astrology's intricate layers. Through her teaching, Lumi doesn't just impart information; she imparts a sense of wonder and curiosity about the universe and our connection to it." ~Rise+Flo Wellness Retreat

"Lumi's insights can transform skeptics into believers and curious minds

into lifelong learners. If you're seeking an astrologer who can educate, inspire, and enlighten, Lumi is

undoubtedly the one to turn to."


March 2024 Horoscopes | All 12 Signs and Your Lunar Eclipse Message

March 2024 Horoscopes | All 12 Signs and Your Lunar Eclipse Message

Email List 📧 Book A Reading 🔮 Podcast 🎙️ /alignyourstarspodcast Free Astro 101 EBook Instagram ► 0:00 Intro 1:11 Pisces Season 6:05 Mercury in Pisces - Rose Colored 7:14 Venus conjunct Mars - Elevate Your Love 9:35 Venus square Uranus - Trouble in Paradise? 11:36 Mercury conjunct Neptune - Levitate 13:25 Mars square Uranus - I Quit 14:33 Mercury in Aries - Dragon's Breath 15:42 Sun sextile Uranus - You Got This! 17:45 New Moon in Pisces - Rise 19:00 Mercury sextile Pluto - Eye of the Tiger 20:30 Moon conjunct Saturn - What's the Status? 20:58 Venus in Pisces - Only Time or Beware of the Narcissist 23:17 Sun conjunct Neptune - Ascend 24:53 Sun in Aries - Fire and Passion Collide 26:45 Venus conjunct Saturn - You are Worthy 27:53 Mars in Pisces - Lead by Your Heart 29:40 Lunar Eclipse in Libra - Face Your Fears in the Name of Love March 2024 Horoscopes for the Signs + Aura Oracle Card Reading 32:52 Aries 39:55 Taurus 47:34 Gemini 54:27 Cancer 01:03:12 Leo 01:11:54 Virgo 01:18:56 Libra 01:27:12 Scorpio 01:36:58 Sagittarius 01:44:35 Capricorn 01:52:19 Aquarius 01:59:06 Pisces #zodiac #all12signs #horoscopes #march2024horoscopes #astrology #dailyhoroscope #march2023 #aries #taurus #gemini #cancer #leo #virgo #libra #scorpio #sagittarius #capricorn #aquarius #pisces #oraclecards #oracle #lunareclipse #eclipseseason
2024 Year Ahead Astrology Predictions / For All 12 Signs

2024 Year Ahead Astrology Predictions / For All 12 Signs

🌠2024 HOROSCOPE ~ ALL SIGNS🌠 ARIES 2024, TAURUS 2024, GEMINI 2024, CANCER 2024, LEO 2024, VIRGO 2024, LIBRA 2024, SCORPIO 2024, SAGITTARIUS 2024, CAPRICORN 2024, AQUARIUS 2024, PISCES 2024 Find out how 2024 will influence your Zodiac Sign (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces) on a deeper level. ➡️READINGS: ➡️WEBSITE: ➡️SUBSCRIBE to my weekly newsletter and get your FREE Astro 101 eBook: ASTROLOGY OF 2024 OVERVIEW 09:40 North Node in Aries conjunct Chiron - Addressing leadership, violence, leaders, conflict, and wounding 13:40 Pluto in Capricorn transitioning to Aquarius - Breaking down structures of civilizations leading to birthing a new paradigm (political, structural, monetary, and interpersonal) 16:39 Jupiter in Gemini - the future of America 21:00 Jupiter in Gemini working with Pluto in Aquarius- Media overhaul - AI advancements, livelihood shifts 25:20 Jupiter square Pisces - Financial instability in late 2024 ASTROLOGY FORECAST FOR THE SIGNS IN 2024 ARIES: 30:05 TAURUS: 31:47 GEMINI: 34:24 CANCER: 35:50 LEO: 37:32 VIRGO: 39:05 LIBRA: 40:48 SCORPIO: 44:10 SAGITTARIUS: 45:22 CAPRICORN: 48:01 AQUARIUS: 49:48 PISCES: 51:30 ADVICE FOR THE COLLECTIVE: 53:10 In this captivating collaboration Align Your Stars episode, join renowned astrologer Lumi Pelinku as she teams up with the incredible podcast, We Gotta Talk with Sonni, to uncover the celestial secrets of 2024. Dive deep into the astrology of the upcoming year as Lumi and Sonni explore the cosmic patterns and planetary alignments that will shape our lives. Get ready for an insightful and enlightening discussion that offers profound insights into how these celestial events may impact us and how we can navigate them successfully. With Sonni's unique perspective and Lumi's expertise, this episode is a must-listen for astrology enthusiasts and anyone seeking guidance for the year ahead. Tune in, grab your favorite drink, and get ready to align your stars with this captivating collaboration on We Gotta Talk with Sonni!
Trust the Voice Within with Donika Veseli | Align Your Stars Podcast

Trust the Voice Within with Donika Veseli | Align Your Stars Podcast

#astrologer #albaniansinger #energyhealing Join Lumi in this episode of Align Your Stars as she connects with Donika Veseli (Virgo Sun, Capricorn Rising, Libra Moon), singer, songwriter, and lightworker. She is an Albanian-American singer, songwriter, producer, actress, and empath. Veseli is classically trained in voice and music composition. She spent her life performing on stage in theater, choirs and a lead singer in entertainment bands that toured throughout the tri-state area. As an actress, Donika worked on productions such as Power, Law and Order SVU, Jessica Jones, John Wick, Manifest, Madame Secretary, Homeland, Elementary, Billions, and more. She was the first Albanian-American female to sing cover songs that have been streamed all over social media platforms. Nika spent years ghost-writing (NDA) songs for Grammy-affiliated producers, singers, and music directors. She has found a new passion for busking in NYC parks and holds a healing space for those who listen to her live vocal performances. On the spiritual side, Nika has healed strangers with her empathic and channeling abilities for those who seek her. During the global pandemic in 2020, she came out of the spiritual closet and decided to become a Reiki Master Teacher. She educated herself in the art of chakra-balancing energy healing and meditation and began a healing practice in the last several years. ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠ Love Align Your Stars? Please rate, review, and subscribe! Follow Donika Veseli on Instagram: Follow Lumi on Instagram: ⁠⁠⁠ Claim Your FREE Copy of the Align Your Stars 101 eBook: ⁠⁠⁠