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I see life as an experience, not fate based. We hold the power to define who we are. When life appears murky in color, that is our soul's red flag. As cosmic beings, we have the ability to invite joy and rise above the shadows of our traumas. When we aim to shine our inner light, that is when the Universe bestows its gifts of grace. 

In the years leading to this moment, I was disconnected and in a chaotic state and whirlwind of repressed emotions and enwrapped in shades of self-illusion. I had no sense of direction or joy. I once shaped my truth around others beliefs and did not live out my authentic self. It was a time that I held the most weight.  


It was my souls chrysalis stage, and my entire soul makeup was shaping into my unique constellation. 

My astrology journey began in my childhood around the time of my first Jupiter Return at twelve years old.

The official initiation occurred during my second Jupiter Return, and I began to hone my craft under the guidance of my mentor, Rebecca Gordon. After a few years of immersive study, I started my astrology practice in 2019.  

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I began to regularly explore the world of astrology, spirit, and worked with my spirit guides and archangels. We may feel a certain resistance to connect with angels, but let me tell you they do exist. I have seen a few in my lifetime so far, and they are consistently around me.

Ever since I picked up astrology, my intuition and spiritual gifts heightened, and I felt more alive and certain with myself. My connection to the Divine Creator deepened as well as all the walks of life. Astrology became the portal of my divine acceptance and soul's liberation. Primarily I found the path to love myself and embraced my strengths and weaknesses. 

This incredible modality has extended my ability to believe in myself and to manifest my best life. Astrology has helped me find my light.   

In my astrology practice, I have developed a safe, compassionate, and joyful space for all to confide. I have developed a unique methodology known as the Celestial Keys Coaching Program that involves the workings of using natal planetary placements to power up different aspects in your life for energetic alignment. 

Whether I am regenerating my astrological background, working with clients, posting on social media, writing for online publications, or hosting bi-monthly gatherings in the Celestial Wanderers, my approach is heart-centered, empathetic, inspiring, and embellished with a dash of celestial magick.      


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