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The opportunity to have your birth chart read will shed light on gifts, capabilities, and challenges. Knowing the cosmic language of your birth chart will ignite limitless opportunities to understand your soul and purpose, also known as "Evolutionary Astrology."


Having a personalized experience will speak volumes regarding problem-solving through the integration of the cosmos. Through a one-on-one approach, I will help you find the way by your "cosmic blueprint," also known as your birth chart, to be your guiding key. Astrology has been a prevalent tool for so many souls throughout the years. From the exact time you were born, the planets were synthesized in a unique formation, and this action in itself has laid out the foundation of your life potential.  

Astrology in itself is not set in stone regarding fate. It is the study of how the cycles of life will manifest through our divine give will. Astrology is an unbelievable modality that can show us how we can see life from a different perspective. When working with Lumi, you will experience a highly interactive experience as she will extend the transformation tools to help you in your journey.


Whether booking a first-ever astrology reading or a returning client, you will leave your session filled with hope and empowerment. This knowledge alone can help you pave the path for your desired life. Depending upon where you stand in your life, your personalized reading will open the pathways of healing and unlocking your inner gifts. 


You will need your Date of Birth, Time, and Location/City of Birth

(recorded on your birth certificate)

All readings are done remotely through Zoom; in-person readings are not required.

With Lumi’s knowledge of Evolutionary Astrology and her Transformation Coaching background, you will leave your reading with the essential tools to assist you in your journey.


The recommended tools can be books, crystals, and more.

We recommend booking the Cosmic Debut Reading if you are a first-time client. If you wish to learn what is in store for you for the year ahead as a first-time client, you may schedule the Astrology Unveiled Reading.    

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