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Are you ready to take a meaningful journey towards self-discovery, empowerment, and positive change? "Align Your Stars" invites you into a coaching program that blends the ancient wisdom of astrology with practical personal growth techniques. This program will help you connect with your inner power and craft a genuinely fulfilling life.

What Align Your Stars Can Do For You:

Astrology and Personal Growth Fusion

This extraordinary coaching program harmoniously blends the profound insights of astrology with transformative personal growth techniques. Immerse yourself in the intricate dance of the planets and their healing vibrations, unlocking the latent potential that resides within you.

Transformative Self-Reflection

Embark on a journey of guided self-reflection, delving into the depths of your emotions, beliefs, and boundaries. Peel back the layers of your authentic self, paving the way for positive change in various facets of your life.

Empowerment Through Astrological Profiling

Harness the unique power encapsulated in your astrological profile. Our program empowers you to comprehend and leverage the cosmic forces influencing your life, providing a detailed roadmap for personal growth and fulfillment.


I am here to help you find your soul’s purpose and discover your fullest expression, so together we can heal the world by raising its vibration. 


I am an intuitive astrologer, transformation coach, energy healer, and astrology podcast host for Align Your Stars. 


The spiritual journey is meant to be filled with JOY, and the doors of radical opportunity await as you connect with your soul self.


You were born with the divine free will to radiate your light on this planet, and I am here to help you find the way by connecting your stars. 


We have much to discover together, so let’s get started today!

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  • How to power up your goals by linking with your stars and energetic body through understanding your planetary story.

  • Uncover the roots of your past set-backs and be given the tools to free yourself from the confines of the repetition.

  • Find the ways to create your dream life by connecting with your birth chart.

  • Awaken your soul’s limitless potential.

  • Connect with your soul self by deepening your intuition.

  • Step into your power and live out your purpose.

  • Be clear in who you want to be in life.

  • And much more!

Curious if this coaching program is right for you?

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Tailored Support for Your Journey:

Healing Toxic Relationships

Navigate the intricate path of healing from toxic relationships with the dedicated support and guidance of our personalized coaching.

Security and Balance

Discover the keys to stability and balance in your life as you actively work towards creating a more harmonious and fulfilling existence.

Cultivate Self-Love and Self-Care

This meticulously crafted program is designed to provide unwavering support for your journey towards cultivating profound self-love and integrating essential self-care practices into your daily life.

Now it is your time to radiate your light and live the life you want. 


In this private astrology coaching, I will help you:


  • Discover your star story and seek out what is holding you back from attracting your fulfillment.

  • Clear energetically what is blocking you from experiencing liberation and peace.

  • Break free from old patterns, stories, and beliefs that deter you from inviting change in your journey. 

  • Make over your life story so it fits you perfectly, enabling you to live in joy and consistently achieve your high-reaching dreams. 

  • Know your soul’s secrets to discover your fulfillment. 

  • Step into your power by working with your stars to support your career, strengthen/attract relationships, and live out your purpose. 

  • Find clarity, focus, and work with your birth chart to achieve your goals. 

  • Upgrade your confidence by igniting your intuition to help you navigate your life challenges and make sound decisions. 

  • Remain connected with your Higher Self and be in complete alignment with your mind, body, and attract serenity. 


Dear Star Soul,

Thank you kindly for visiting this page, and I am so humbled to have you here.

Where you are in this part of your life, or whatever is happening, know that you hold the keys to breaking free and reshaping your story to your desire.

Astrology has given me this sense of peace in knowing what I can do to help best prepare me for those struggling moments and has also provided me direction in attracting the best outcome in my story.


These hardcore moments, however, made me the person I am now, and in my journey, I have discovered that in those moments in which you believe you are lost, you are creating your unique constellation.

Through astrology, I healed myself and began to see how life can change by recircling back to myself and deepening the connection with my soul. I found my power, voice, humility, beauty, and life purpose.


By knowing yourself through the cosmic lens, you can learn to radiate your best self.

We are all connected as one, and in time you will see that everyone you meet holds an essential piece in your story. Remember that you play an important part in your story, and the overall goal in this life is to find joy, love, and peace. By establishing a solid connection to self and your soul self, you can redefine your path and step into a new paradigm of life that reflects the life of your dreams.

This is why I have created this online course. Nearing a decade of experience working with people from around the world and integrated insights from astrology, Divine, and esoteric systems, I can teach you everything you need to know about aligning with your stars to radiate your best self and attract the life you want. 

Your life here is fleeting; every experience should be as you wish. I hope you find peace, comfort, and inspiration to follow your stars.

Cosmic Blessings,




The Cosmic Alignment Coaching is perfect for:

Purposeful and driven souls who are highly committed to transform their self-limiting beliefs and access peace, joy, and fulfillment.

Those who want to learn how to weave their life story, their terms. They understand that to live as a radiant soul, it requires establishing a connection with their Higher Self and following their stars.  

These amazing souls will rise, alchemize their challenges, and manifest their desires from a place of peace and openness to the Universe's grace. 


Cosmic Alignment Coaching Phases


Your alignment process begins by diving deep into understanding the nature of your light and shadow. With Lumi as your guide, you’ll break free and heal by clearing out your distorted programming, and will lead you to rediscover your divine will to help you pave your path.


In phase one you will:

  • Journey into the Cavern of Mirrors, where you will discover your soul’s deepest intentions and meeting your shadow to help you release your limitations.

  • Learn the Lumi's innovative astro-chakra healing process.

  • Meet your Cosmic Angelic Guide to help you in your journey.

  • Know the practical ways to connect with your planetary positions to help ignite your power and purpose. 

  • Work actively with the cosmic rays to activate your light and cleanse your auric field to ensure success.


The alignment process continues by rewiring yourself to step into your new reality by becoming the cosmic artist. We are going to find your creative muse and ignite your momentum to keep you in line with your goals.  You are going to start living out your new expression in this phase, and see your radiant self unfold.


In phase two you will:

  • Connect with your Inner Creator and begin to witness the changes within.

  • Learn the ways to expel the inner critic

  • Learn to love and embrace your imperfections

  • Perform self-love practices to accept the beauty within and out

  • Learn the process of affirmations to align with your planetary positions

  • Rediscover your voice and authentic truth

  • Step into your power and live out your goals




In these weeks, we will be putting it all together and help you set up for success once you complete the program. You will be applying all the concepts learned and putting it to practice while accelerating your connection with your Higher Self to assist you in your journey. New patterns will be placed to ensure consistency and success.


In phase three you will:

  • Proclaiming your intentions

  • Honoring your souls purpose and sovereignty by walking in truth

  • Restructuring a new set of personal beliefs to keep you on the course

  • Learning to listen to your Higher Self to navigate your Spirit.
  • Connecting with your Soul Star to accelerate your intuitive guidance.

  • Anchoring your power to find and retain your joy to attract the life you want.


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Bi-Monthly Coaching Sessions – Recorded for you!
In 180 days, you’ll have a personalized cosmic experience and transformative process.

There will be two sessions a month for six months.

Experience Energetic Upgrades:
Working actively with your birth chart and planetary positions you will gain the ability to master its language and themes in your life. Much of the practices you’re about to experience is actually downloaded from the Cosmic Realms.


Coaching Prompts and Journaling Exercises

Engage in a series of insightful coaching prompts and transformative journaling exercises. Each exercise is meticulously crafted to guide you through the exploration of your deepest desires, values, and your most authentic self.

Embrace Your Higher Self

Unlock the full spectrum of your potential, embracing and embodying your Higher Self. Take confident steps towards a life imbued with love, respect, and happiness.

Awaken Your Authentic Soul

Feel the awakening of the powerful, authentic soul within you. The time has come for you to take that crucial first step towards a life of empowerment.

Tap into the Power of Your Birth Chart to Accelerate Your Manifestation Process and Attract Your Best Life:
Lumi has created her own revolutionary Astro-Chakra practice where you will learn all about your unique energy using the guidance of your birth chart. Each week, you will explore your energetic self and be provided the tools to leave each lesson learning more about yourself and the process of charting your life decisions by connecting with yourself.



"I signed up for Lumi's Cosmic Alignment Program. She has not only helped me to understand some of my own patterns based on astrology, the Astro Chakra approach, and energetic healing sessions. She is a wonderful healer and I look forward to continuing working with her for a long time!"

Lauren Towle, Marketing Strategist

Lumi's teaching points and astrology perspectives are bullseye right-on regarding my life, and her words are still echoing in my head. I truly enjoyed every minute, you have taught me so much about why things are happening in my life and the patterns that have come before, and the aspects that will come in the near future.

C.E Levin, Attorney

"Lumi is a gifted astrologer and spiritual coach who responsibly and tactfully provides you with the tools you need for introspection and self-growth. Entrusting your soul to someone is a delicate matter, but with Lumi, you can rest assured you've come to the right guide. Her soothing presence makes you feel at ease. Thank you, Lumi, for helping me open my eyes."

Pauline F, Musician

"Lumi is absolutely amazing at what she does. The heaps of digestible information extended and her intuitive delivery, I am beyond words. She’s extremely approachable, kind, and knowledgeable in her craft. She explains things in a way that is easy to understand and is very gentle with her words. She enlightened me with new things in my chart that helps give me more focus with some blockages I’m working through."

Brittany Klauss, Astrologer

What I like best is how Lumi views astrology is that she always sees the opportunity in every challenging astrological moment. She encouraged me to lean into the lessons, embrace the moment, and to stop resisting the growth that I need to experience."

April K, Federal Worker

Lumi helps you see and appreciate your strengths and weaknesses in the birth chart, and brings forth a solution that will yield results to your benefit. Lumi offers such clarity and wisdom in her readings by making it accessible as well as illuminating. She is a gift in presence, knowledge and in true service to those who seek her." 

Laurance S, Holistic Herbalist

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Book a Discovery Call today to see if this program is a fit for you.

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  • Live 1-1 Coaching

  • 12 - 1.5 Hr Sessions [$3,600 value]

  • Weekly Affirmations and Energetic Healing, and Exercises

  • Access to Recordings

  • Custom Weekly Astrology Journal prompts (pdf printout)

*Payment installment plans are available.

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