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Are you ready to take your spiritual career to a new level? 


No matter your skill level, astrology, or energy healing, Lumi will create ease and assure you attain more layers of astrological and/or spiritual knowledge throughout the learning process. 


Through a personalized program, she will keep your best interests at heart, and will go the distance to ensure that you will become an empowered astrologer and/or energy healer

For any questions or inquiries, please reach out via email: or scroll down to sign up and work with Lumi. 



Have you ever wondered if you can become a healer or be healed?

As souls, we all have the right to learn how to connect with our healing process. Whenever we are in a place where we are disconnected, lost, or confused about our methodology, this is caused by losing the connection to self. 


Lumi has found a way to bridge the disconnect by integrating her astrological knowledge and integrating it with her Holy Fire Reiki skillset. She has developed a unique process that can help you find out what kind of healer you were born to be. 

As a Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher, Lumi designed her unique signature program, the Star Keys Program. This is integrating training in the Usui Reiki modality while interweaving your birth chart to seek out your unique signatures.

In as little as three weeks, this training was created to reveal how you can access the healing signature that is solely for you and your soul while alchemizing your best self. 


Click here to learn more about the Star Keys Program. 

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