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Sun Sign Masterclass

Saturday, February 18, 2023
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT


Do you ever feel energized by feeling the sun rays?


Did you know that the Sun and its cycles add power in different areas in the birth chart ? 

Are you new to astrology? Or do you feel like you need a refresher course to see the sun signs from a different perspective?

Let's start from the beginning and build our way as we take a tour around the zodiac wheel. No matter what sign you are, you experience every sign from any shape or form. 


In this FREE Sun Sign Masterclass you will learn all about how the solar power can power up your purpose and sync you to an optimal life by learning about your unique process. 


By understanding the zodiac from a foundational level you will have a better idea about how to work with your birth chart and use each sun sign season to your advantage. 

In this Masterclass you will receive the fundamental tools to help you understand sun signs from a different perspective. 

In this event, we will unearth the ways in which you use your sun sign as the way to understand your way to soul mastery as well as others. It will bridge the gaps in past misunderstandings in relationships, career, life, and more. The Sun and its influence overall can be best mastered by understanding your zodiacal degree.


We will explore how the sun rotates around your birth chart wheel and harness its effects to your advantage and this involves self empowerment, finances, health, relationships and more. 

Sign up, reserve your spot, and we will start from the beginning and learn how to ascend life by understanding the reason why we incarnated here in the first place. The sun will reveal your purpose and the soul's intention.

In the Sun Sign Masterclass you will discover:


  • The sun and its purpose in your birth chart

  • Understanding the light and shadow of your sun sign

  • How to work with zodiac seasons to understand its themes in your life  

  • Recommendations in how to integrate an empowerment practice in your life through by working with your sun sign archangel, crystals, rituals, and flower essences in connection to sun energy

Event Details:

Masterclass Date/Time: February 18, 2023 @1:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST

LIVE on Zoom

Q&A opportunity if you make it to the live event! [one time event only/no replay access]

Price: Free

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