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Celestial Weekly - Oct 3-9, 2022

Your message this week is to clear yourself in order to restructure your plans. As Mercury is Direct we do have the go ahead to start up, but this requires you to shake off the stagnant debris before the Full Moon later this week. We then can be recharged and filled with purpose.

There is something that we have to pay attention to regarding our intentions, and how we are using our energy effectively.

Be mindful of what you wish to invoke. As Chiron and Pluto will be the chief agents of inviting healing and transformation, you will have to do the inner healing work in order to know exactly what you desire for your soul fulfillment.

Key Archangels this week:

Michael, Uriel, Raphael, Sandalphon, and Azrael

October 4, 2022

Saturn square Uranus

As Saturn is in a tension-filled square to Uranus, there is push and resistance in our plans. Structure is a must, but keep in mind that you have to create a new template and discard the outmoded blueprint you followed prior to Mercury Rx.

Even a discussion is an order regarding your relationship and how it is generating, since Venus is the highlight dispositor of this transit.

Remember to march to the beat of your own drum, and honor all that you have built at this point of your life. Open up and express all that has been pent up inside these last few weeks. It’s time to own your energy and get answers.

Divine Assistance:

Invoke the red ray of Archangel Uriel to ignite your motivation and inspiration today. He will help you find the clarity you seek.

October 6, 2022

Mercury trine Pluto

Sun square Pallas

There is a part of you that needs exploration, and by looking deeply inside, your inner truth and purpose will be revealed. Pluto will extend a powerful energetic pull for you to reflect and see the shadow side of things that may not align with your soul. Try not to be repelled by its message, this is essential for you to clear out and set a new path.

The Sun will emanate its light onto Pallas and this will extend a lesson for you to live more authentically. This is the day you will feel ignited and empowered to be the example. Write down a new set of intentions and follow the plan.

Divine Assistance:

Working with the indigo ray of Archangel Azrael will help you bring closure to what is no longer serving you in your journey.

October 7, 2022

Sun opposition Chiron

Mars trine Vesta

The rays of the Sun are shining its light directly upon the wounded healer Chiron. We may feel as though our past pain and vulnerability is weakness. However, it is the bridge that we must cross. As you hold the divine spark, you are more powerful than you think. Our pain is a part of our experience that shapes our souls to become more aligned with our purpose.

Mars in trine to Vesta will alchemize the process of discovering the healing we can invite in our lives. The healing in this case is through inviting a new process such as energy healing and/or esoteric modality.

Divine Assistance:

Invite the emerald green ray of Archangel Raphael, to assist you in the process of finding the healing needed in your life/situation.

October 8, 2022

Pluto Direct

We will all be tapping into our divine alignment as Pluto is direct. All that has been residing within ourselves will be rising to the surface. There will be a clearing in understanding the energetic makeup of our soul expression.

Pluto discards the misaligned debris of our auric bodies, and we may feel lighter and freer. Ask yourself now if anything in your life, relationships, career, life situations needs clearance? Live your soul’s truth to invite the light.

Divine Assistance:

Archangel’s Azrael indigo ray and Sandalphon’s turquoise ray will help you align with your soul truth. Archangel Sandalphon is the direct link to Divine and your Higher Self, and if you are looking for a clearing or divine intervention call to him for assistance.

October 9, 2022

Full Moon in Aries

This marks a completion of all that you have built these last six months.

How do you feel at this moment in comparison to when you started?

You have tapped into your soul endurance, and you have strength to carry on to the next phase in your plans. As Chiron and Venus are the two celestial forces that are a part of this Full Moon story, there will be a theme of surrendering a part of your past pain, and it can even trickle into your current state of relationships. Something has to change at this point in your life.

Does this serve you now, and do you wish to continue?

You are always complete and whole, but in some situations that are not aligning to your greatest good, it will dim your inner light and purpose.

Take charge of your life and happiness by establishing energetic boundaries. Cord cutting will do wonders and will help you feel lighter during this lunation.

Divine Assistance:

Call upon the blue ray of light of Archangel Michael to lend energetic support and assistance to your cord cutting.


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