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Introducing a private and exclusive community that welcomes members to explore the esoteric realms such as astrology, spirituality, celestial magick, in a safe and inviting environment.

You will be given a wonderful opportunity to connect with those are like-minded, and hold space for you to shine your ethereal light. 

Who is this for?

Everyone with an open mind and heart.

Souls who desire to invoke the positive changes in life by connecting with their divine and magical self.

What are the benefits?

You will have 24/7 access to your cosmic chatroom, educational resources, discussion boards, and exclusive membership offerings. We will be hosting events bi-monthly that go along with the New Moon and Full Moon events. The key benefit is that in each meeting held, you will gain the tools to boost your chances of success.

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Our aim is to help you find the ways in working practically with astrology in order to invite consciousness, divine connection, empowerment, and light in your life every day. 
Each gathering you will receive the essential guidance to help you get that boost to power up your goals and to stay motivated to live your best life.


Our vision is to create a network of all the walks of life who desire to establish a sound astrological practice and succeed in their endeavors. 
We aim to connect with those who hold a desire to form strong bonds with those who are compassionate, mystical, and look to evolve their souls as one. 

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A scan of the month ahead astrologically and will be given celestial guidance in how to navigate these themes confidently (replays will be available)

Learning how to tap into the power of your birth chart and harness it to your advantage
An opportunity to learn the ways in how to connect with your own intuition in correspondence to astrological transits

Relationship insights and the ways to open up communication with others and expand upon your self-love

Keeping yourself aligned with your business/personal goals

Manifestation and ritual tips that will power up your chances of success

By assistance of the celestial realm, meditations, alignments, and energy healing will be conducted to help support your journey in each gathering.

Live Q&A opportunity to receive advice from Lumi
Networking and connecting with amazing souls
24/7 private forums and discussion rooms to remain connected and motivated


Bi-monthly meetings will be held every second and fourth Monday 'moon-day' at 7:00 pm EDT/4:30 pm PST

Each one hour gathering will be held Live on Zoom Meetings, and replays will be available and archived on the Celestial Community Portal on Facebook.


No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
Lilith and the New Moon Message
Intention-Manifestation Work
Moon Release Work



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